Upcoming Exhibition


”The house flooded at 4.32am. Everyone was sleeping. It took perhaps 10, perhaps 15 seconds. Within a minute, the three inhabitants, a middle-aged couple with their 5-year-old son, were dead.

 An hour later the water level dropped. There was a half metre between water level and ceiling. A wooden table bobbed at the surface, one corner exposed above the deluge. Other objects – a cello, chair, people, books, glasses, toys and etc came to the surface, each of them only partially exposed”  Adam Donen www.adamdonen.com.



FLOOD ALERT is going to be exhibited soon in London. This installation based on the Artist’s experience of watching people drowning, dying in a flood while their property floated about them, useless, broken and waterlogged as He was unable to do anything but watch them die. This exhibition wants to tackle a bitter inquiry into the physicality of our existence, the material nature of all that we will leave behind and also a grim but accurate representation of the horror of a watery death.

Video and photo shoots in collaboration with Mikael Jaeger Jensen, www.jaegerjensen.com